The band “Špajz“ (pantry) was stablished in March 2010 in Kragujevac. It consists of Vladimir Maksić (guitar), Darko Đorđević (guitar), Aleksandar Furunović (drums) and Stanko Milačić (bass). Most of the songs were made and have been made during jam sessions; those are instrumental pieces with influences coming from various sources (from Jimmy Handrix and Disciplina kičme to fusion and jazz), and some of them sound like great movie soundtracks (e.g. 'Ovaj lift nema vrata' - This lift has no doors, that gives the name to its album).

Still, although the name of the band suggests that its music has “something for everyone” (as it is the case with pantries), this is something rather new and fresh on the music scene that successfully unites incompatibilities, and boldly defines its course, something that can be noticed already on the first album. A special emphasis should be place on the striking titles of the songs, often made as a wordplay on signs/warnings, for instance, “U slučaju opasnosti razbiti sistem” (In case of emergency, break the system), for which the video was made (made by Luka Stoisavljević). The video was made during February 2014 in what used to be “Šumadija” movie thearte, it was produced by Saša Furunović (Popečitelji, Fitnes), and was published by “SKC Kragujevac.

While listening to the first album of “Špajz”, and its songs “Along the Staircase” (Stepenište), “Along the Corridor” (Koridor), “Along the Garage’s Construction” (Garažna konstrukcija), “Day and Night” (Dan-Noć) we are entering the “South Driveway Mechanism” (Južni kolovoz, Mehanizam), and so on, we almost breathlessly agree to a superb ride filled with excitement and tension, because let’s not forget: this lift has no doors.